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Sailing Down East

In June 2007, I sailed from eastward along the coast of Maine. I keep my boat HAVEN in Northeast Harbor, Mount Desert Island, Maine. It took a days sailing to get to the vicinity of Jonesport which is real "Down East" Maine. I take hundreds of photographs for reference purposes e.g. clouds, trees, water surface. Some of them however are of wider interest and here are a few.

Sailing with no hands
Setting out to go Down East
Fortunately, a Cape Dory knows how to sail. Here the Captain is replaced by a piece of string. This is convenient when cooking up a soup.
Arrival in Jonesport
Arrival in Jonestown
To be truthful, I arrived exhausted, anchored and slept several hours before bringing the boat to the dock.
Nellie Chapin Day
An amazing commemoration to find in Maine.
There is a similar monument on the seafront in Yaffo,Israel not far from where my daughter Yemima lives.
Coast Guard
Here I am anchored in Roque Island.
This Coast Guard patrol boat actually stopped and to my amazement a boarding party climbed onto HAVEN. They did a safety check which which I passed. They were quite polite.
I did not have "Pollution Placard Posted" so I was issued a warning.

I guess they are looking for something to do as there are few terrorists in Maine.
Mistake Island
Mistake Island
I spent a couple of days here. There was no other boat in the harbor and no one lives on the islands. The inhabitants consist of many seals, a Golden Eagle and her (large) baby. There were also Bald Eagles.

The Golden Eagles sat on a small rock and as the tide began to go out, seals began to be uncovered in the locations they had chosen for sunbathing. At some point the junior eagle became alarmed at being surrounded by noisy seals and so flew away.
The Cows Yard
The Cows Yard.
Another anchorage that was fun for poking about in a dinghy.
Some of my painting was done in the cabin rather than the cockpit.
During the first lull in the downpour, I put up this tent over the cockpit. When all is gray and depressing outside, this cheery color is welcome.

My wife, Shuneet will recognize this tent as the one we took on out on our honeymoon. A robust tent as that was forty years ago!
Putting to sea
Returning home
After six days in the Jonesport area, I returned home.

The forecast was a headwind so I planned to motor rather than sail and to get going in the morning calm.  I raised the anchor at 4 a.m. and motored out of the harbor before the sun had risen. This is the time that commercial fishing boats start out and half a dozen boats like this were putting to sea.

Luckily the wind was not exactly as predicted and I was able to sail much of the way back - with the piece of string steering!