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Granpa Rescued at Sea

For Yaar, Noah, Lola, Tali, Yarden and Nava (and also for the grown ups including Max)
Granpa looking ahead
I can't see very much ahead.
I can't even see the sea!
Fog ahead
Looking ahead all I can see is fog. I sailed out into the sea far away from land. All went well until suddenly a loud noise PPFSSIIISSSHHHH from the engine. No cooling water coming out of the back of the boat! If the engine is not cooled, it will get very hot and begin to smoke.
I turned off the engine.
Not much wind for the sails and no engine. Not good.
Need a tow
Here at the top is my GPS telling me where I am.

Below it is the radio set to channel 22 on the radio. That's the channel for talking to the Coast Guard. "Hello Coast Guard, my engine is disabled."
Looking for me
The Coast Guard have come out to look for me. "We have you on our radar!" they say.

Then I could see the boat coming slowly through the fog.
Preparing the tow
The Coast Guard Tender was much bigger than I expected. The men on the back of the tender are preparing a tow line. They then threw the line to me and I attached it to my boat.
Through the waves
HAVEN is now being pulled through the waves on a very long cable. Six knots is as fast as HAVEN can go but for the Coast Guard Tender six knots is very slow.
Tow line closeup
HAVEN has its anchor on the bow. There have to be two tow lines, one for each side of the bowsprit.
The Coast Guard crew tied two ropes to the end of the cable.
Throwing the line
HAVEN is now near the dock but has no engine to get the last few yards. This man is ready to pull HAVEN to the dock.
A thick rope is too heavy to throw, so they first throw a special throwing line which has a red rubber ball on the end. The man on the dock must catch it
Caught it
He caught it. Now he is pulling my boat to the dock
HAVEN is now safe and so is Granpa! Thanks to the Coast Guard! Here HAVEN is sitting at the dock waiting for the engine to be fixed.
Boat house
The Coast Guard Tender in its house waiting to make another rescue.
The new pump to be put into HAVEN's engine. This will pump cold sea water through the engine.
The fan-belt turns the wheel on the top. The inlet is large and the outlet small - why?
Back at home
HAVEN is now back on the mooring in North East Harbor waiting to go on a another sailing trip.

Maybe with YOU