A Life of Painting

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Each summer is spent visiting the numerous islands, bays and coves along Maine's rocky shore. A truly wonderful place and an inspiration for many of my paintings.
Some sailing activities:
Trip down east to Jonesport (2007)
Granpa rescued by the Coast Guard (2008)
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Work done 1971 to 1980
Charcoal combines the directness and speed of a sketch with the drama and splendor of a painting. Most of these pictures were done in a single year, 1979, when I had a nice studio in Gedera, Israel. The ideas were collected in notebooks, then larger drawings were made in the studio.
Work done 1963 to 1970
As a student I travelled around on a tight budget, hitchhiking and sleeping under the stars. The sketch on the left was done by a young Israeli woman. I later married her!

Many of the sketches from this period were made as a personal record rather than as works of "art". For instance sketches made in Ein Gedi and Jerusalem. These picture are not for sale.

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